7 Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises For Strengthening Your Core Muscles

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up: Master this core-strengthening exercise for full-body stability and injury prevention. 

Kettlebell Windmills: Enhance mobility and target obliques with the slow and controlled Windmill. 

Kettlebell Sit and Press: Elevate your core workout with this dynamic exercise blending abs and shoulder strength. 

Kettlebell Straight Arm Sit: Amp up the challenge with unilateral strength and stability in this advanced core exercise. 

Kettlebell Plank Row or Renegade Row: Strengthen abs and back muscles with the Renegade Row, perfect for total core engagement. 

Kettlebell Deck Squat: Engage multiple muscles, including abs, with this dynamic movement for improved mobility. 

Kettlebell Lateral Swings: Take your core workout sideways with this advanced exercise, focusing on oblique strength and control. 

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