A Toaster Can Be A Grilled Cheese Press

 First, it makes cleanup nearly nonexistent. There's no pan or spatula to wash and no crumbs to wipe off the stove.

Plus, the toaster bag you'll use will catch any melted cheese, and can easily be rinsed off to use again.

Using a toaster bag also eliminates the need for oil, butter, or mayonnaise since the sandwich won't stick to the surface of the bag.

If you're a multitasker, or just plain busy, being able to pop your sandwich into the slot in your toaster means you don't have to babysit it while it's cooking, either.

The bags are also a great hack for anyone who has a hankering for a grilled cheese during the workday. 

Few offices or other workspaces have a stove (unless you're in a restaurant, obviously), but a toaster may be more commonplace in a shared lunchroom.

And even if it isn't already available, a small toaster is easy enough to keep stashed for when you need it.