Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

– 1 lb hot jalapeno peppers halved lengthwise, seeds and membranes removed – 22 slices bacon Stuffing – 8 oz cream cheese room temperature – ½ cup cheddar cheese shredded – ½ tsp garlic powder – ¼ tsp black pepper – ¼ cup chives chopped


While preparing the cream cheese mixture, combine the divided jalapenos and ice-cold water in a large basin. 

 The longer jalapenos are submerged in water, the less piquant they become.

Combine all of the stuffing ingredients in a medium basin until thoroughly combined.

After draining and drying the jalapenos, do so with a paper towel.

Stuff the jalapeno halves with the mixture using a small utensil, then thoroughly encase each jalapeno in bacon to ensure that the cheese is adequately covered.

Preheat the air fry to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes. Select Start.

After the jalapenos have been preheated in the air fry, position them in the tray. Air fry in increments as required.