Better for frying eggs: butter or olive oil?

Frying an egg in butter gives the egg a soft, almost velvety consistency, and enrobes the entire dish in a slightly sweet, distinctly decadent buttery flavor.

For Decadent And Soft Eggs, Butter Is Better

Since butter makes flipping the egg easier, this procedure makes it easy to cook the egg whites and maintain the yolk runny.

You can also bathe the egg in the butter, much like you might a steak, to cook the white without flipping.

If what you love most about a fried egg is the lacy, crunchy rim around the edge, then olive oil is the right choice for you.

For Crispy Fried Eggs, Olive Oil Is Optimal

To create a variety of textures in your fried egg, from the golden exterior to the solidly set whites to the runny yolk at the center,

Use a liberal amount of excellent oil in a hot skillet. Olive oil adds nuanced herbaceous flavors to every bite.

Both butter and olive oil are good, but 'better' is a question of taste, so choosing one is difficult.