Can You Eat Sprouted Potatoes?

When potatoes begin to sprout, the growths have a high concentration of compounds called glycoalkaloids that can cause a sharp, unpleasant, bitter taste.

You’re not likely to see any ill effects from eating negligible amounts—in fact, one of those compounds, called solanine,

Is the same compound that occurs naturally in eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers. In large quantities, however, it can be toxic.

Large sprouts, growths, and roots will not only be unpleasant to eat, but, in the worst cases, can also make you really sick.

Symptoms of poisoning from solanine (the specific type of natural toxin found in spoiled potatoes),

 Include everything from a fever and headache to a severely upset stomach or abdominal pain. 

Make sure to really get in there and cut around the sprouted parts, excising any roots, bumps, and eyes.