Caramel Apple Sangria

– 2 bottles white wine standard size white table wine or pinot grigio – ▢5 cups fresh apple cider – ▢1 cup caramel vodka (or make your own Apple Pie Vodka!) (see note) – ▢4 honey crisp apples chopped – ▢2 pears chopped – ▢2 cinnamon sticks – ▢2 cup ginger ale


Get the fruit ready. Put the honey crisp apples and pears in the bottom of a big pitcher or jug by cutting them into slices or chunks.

Pour white wine, fresh apple cider, and caramel vodka into the pitcher that has already been filled with fruit. Make sure to stir the items together well.

Put in the fridge: Put the jar in the fridge and cover it with a lid or plastic wrap. Let the sangria chill and steep for one to two hours.

Add Cinnamon Sticks: Put the cinnamon sticks into the pitcher of sangria about an hour before you serve it. Add the flavours and mix them well. Then put the pitcher back in the fridge to keep cooling.

Serve: The apple and pear sangria should be served cold, either straight from the pitcher or in glasses with ice.

Have fun: If you want, you can add more apple or pear slices as a garnish. Then, enjoy this tasty apple and pear sangria!