Cream Of White Beans And Chestnut

– 2 cups white beans – 1 cup chestnuts – ½ onion diced – 1 clove garlic – ¼ cup smoked bacon – 1 tsp salt – 1 pinch ground pepper


Soak the legumes and chestnuts overnight in a basin filled with cold water. 

 The following day, cut the chestnuts at the base so that the skin can be removed readily by hand.

The legumes are drained and set aside. Ensure that the vessel is positioned within the Instant Pot.

One tablespoon of olive oil should be added to the Instant Pot receptacle. Incorporate a quarter of the diced onion and a single clove of finely minced garlic.

Manually press Preheat the sauté for four minutes. Onion and garlic should be thoroughly mixed to prevent overbrowning. 

Incorporate minced bacon into the garlic and onion while they simmer. On occasion, stir until the four minutes have elapsed.