Find Your State's Best Loaded Fries

Alabama: All the fries served at Carrigan’s two Birmingham locations are deliciously crisp and fluffy.

Alaska: The short rib braised poutine at Tent City Taphouse in downtown Anchorage is the perfect starter to share, or it can be eaten as a meal in itself.

Arizona: The house loaded fries at this hamburger restaurant are described like 'a Big Mac on steroids'

Arkansas: This isn’t the craziest, or even the dirtiest, option on Parkside Public’s dirty fries menu, but sometimes you just can’t beat a classic.

California: Whatever you order at La Puerta, make sure to allow some room for a portion of the incredible carne asada fries.

Colorado: The queso fries at 5280 Burger Bar come in a boat and they’re smothered in so much delicious sauce, they could conceivably float. 

Idaho: Well, that’s what Idaho claims anyway, and the tubers grown here are said to make particularly perfect French fries.