For Delicious Chicken And Dumplings Soup Texture, Use Thin Broth

A thin broth is important for more than one reason, though. The dumplings don't sit on top in pure isolation from the chicken soup below. 

 Rather, they interact with it, each lending properties to one another.

The steaming broth gives the dumplings a wonderfully sticky exterior that most find oddly satisfying, even if it is akin to wet bread.

The dumplings, in turn, exude starch and fat into the soup, thickening it just enough so that there is a bit of a bridge between each element.

There are ways to make chicken and dumplings thicker or richer, but you should wait until they're done.

Less labor intensive, would be adding heavy cream and letting the chicken and dumplings reduce a bit

You won't have to remove the dumplings, but they will likely get a douse of cream on the outside.