Freezing canned tuna—ever a good idea?

Let's take a step back and ask why you would even need to freeze canned tuna. 

It lasts two to five years in your cupboard as it is so long as the can isn't compromised, and if it's gone bad, it is extremely affordable to simply replace

It retails at Walmart for less than a dollar per can.

Freezing may be a great method to preserve a lot of foods, but in the case of canned tuna, why would you need to?

It's good that the lack of any particular reason to freeze canned tuna lines up well with the fact it's not a good idea to freeze it in the first place, 

because nobody wants messy, funky-tasting fish. 

While you can and should freeze a lot of different foods (it's a great way to combat food waste), canned tuna is one product to avoid.