Fry Eggs in Mayo for a Tastier Breakfast Sandwich

Once you've selected your condiment, all you need to do to get started is squeeze a little into a hot pan.

Wait until it melts so you can spread the mayonnaise around the pan, creating enough surface area that it will eventually cradle your egg.

At this point, it may look a little clumpy and not like the smooth butter or oil layer you're used to, but trust the process. 

When your base layer has loosened up a little, crack an egg in its center. 

From there, you can fry like you normally would, which can include seasoning and flipping.

If you get to the end of your cooking time and find that your egg is a little greasier than normal, you can always plop it on a paper towel for a hot second to soak up any extra oil.

As far as the rest of the ingredients for your sandwich go, we'd recommend using a light touch on creamy spreads (or oil-packed ones like pesto),

Instead going in with melty cheese, fresh tomatoes or arugula, and crunchy bacon.