Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

Apple With Nut Butter: A study found that consuming an apple before a meal can reduce mealtime calorie intake by 187 calories. Pairing it with nut butter adds healthy fats and protein for extended satiety.

Prunes: Sunsweet Ones prunes are a sweet, fiber-rich snack, offering about 25 calories per prune. They're convenient, shelf-stable, and can help regulate blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full.

Cottage Cheese With Berries: High-quality protein in cottage cheese or Greek yogurt keeps you satisfied and aids in muscle recovery. Pair with fresh berries for added flavor and nutrients.

KIND Minis: Controlled portion sizes in KIND Mini bars, with flavors like Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, offer a satisfying and wholesome snack with fiber and protein.

Oatmeal: Instant oatmeal packets provide fiber and plant-based protein, keeping you full and satisfied. They're a convenient and nutritious snack option, especially when paired with Greek yogurt.

Hummus and Pretzels: Sabra Snackers hummus with pretzels offers a balanced snack with protein and fiber. Hummus provides nutrients like iron and B-vitamins, contributing to overall health.