Jake Paul Jokes Biden Would Fall ‘from The Wind’ In Boxing Match With Trump

Jake Paul, a boxer and social media celebrity, claimed Wednesday that former President Donald Trump would make Joe Biden “fall over from the wind” if they fought.

Paul remarked during an interview about his July battle with Mike Tyson. After discussing the 2024 election, the boxer was asked who would win a boxing battle between Trump and Biden.

I mean, Trump wouldn't even have to punch, and Biden would just fall over from the wind,” Paul said on Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime. 

If Trump is watching, this is an invitation. I'd love to have you at the fight since you promoted Tyson. Vivek attended my other bout.

Paul's remark may have referenced Biden's stumbles during his administration, which have raised concerns about his age, 81.

Paul, 27, started boxing in 2018 after being famous on Vine and YouTube in the 2010s. Nine of his 10 matches since then have been wins.

Last week, Tyson said he's nervous about the fight. He said fear motivates him to achieve his goals.

Netflix will webcast the July 20 boxing match at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The streaming platform's first major live boxing event.