Jake Paul: Mike Tyson 'can't Bite My Ear Off If I Knock His Teeth Out'

What will occur if Jake Paul's ear is severed by Mike Tyson during their July 20 fight in Texas?

During an interview with Jesse Watters on Fox News on Wednesday night, Paul was asked this question. 

Watters laughed in response to the statement made by Paul, 27, during the interview where he also explained his prediction of triumph over Tyson, who will be 58 years old on the date of the proposed bout.

I believe he is grossly underestimating me," Paul remarked of Tyson. "Indeed, I sincerely believe that. Additionally, the fight is a heavyweight contest, so he is the larger opponent.

However, I am the quicker man. He is considerably stronger than I am, but I am relatively weak. Experienced, he is.

Since he is the larger man, he will be entering," Paul stated. "I anticipate gaining weight in preparation for this fight.

However, I believe that my hands and feet are more rapid." Consequently, I will be focusing on perspectives.

Paul responded to the disclosure of a portion of his game plan, "I have no objection. Mike is entitled to the game plan. 

Following the March announcement of the fight, Tyson published instructional videos featuring his signature power.