Japanese soufflé pancakes: what makes them fluffy?

This is a great time to follow Jacques Pépin's foolproof bowl tip for perfect soufflés and use a copper bowl if you have it.

Creating a meringue takes patience and precision, so try to set your egg whites up for success by using fresh, cold eggs, which whip into the most stable foam.

Follow the cardinal rule of folding and be careful not to overmix the batter as you blend the flour-yolk mixture.

Use a piping bag (or make your own using a Ziplock bag) to portion the mixture carefully and quickly onto the hot pan.

If you'd prefer not to grease the molds, you can also line them with a ring of parchment paper to avoid sticking and dirtying the rings.

Once your portions are over the heat, add a spoonful of water to the pan and cook covered to ensure the petit soufflés get a touch of steam. 

Eat them soon after they're cooked to enjoy them at their wiggliest.