Mcdonald's Menu Adds Fan-favorite Item First Discontinued In 2015

It seems like every few weeks, Taco Bell and Burger King both add new items to their menus.

But the top fast-food chain has mostly used sales and gimmicks to get people's attention, rather than new products.

The company has used its "As Featured In" and celebrity meals to get people excited, like putting its Big Mac Sauce in packs that can be used on their own. 

For example, some people like the Shamrock Shake, but it would be more newsworthy if it didn't come back for St. Patrick's Day than if it did. 

They did add a Double Big Mac in January, but that's not really enough to compete with Taco Bell's new chicken-based Cantina Menu or Burger King's line of wraps.

It says a lot about McDonald's that its core menu has so many loyal customers that it doesn't need many limited-time deals to bring people in. 

The chain did decide to bring back a customer favorite for the summer menu, though.

McDonald's has came up with a new limited-time deal called the McCafé Oreo Frappé. As part of the McFlurry line, Oreos have always been a hit at the chain.

The McCafé Oreo Frappé was first on the menu in 2015, but it was taken off soon after and didn't come back for a while.