Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul: Who Has The Edge?

Mike Tyson's prime performance was characterized by clean knockouts, but how well would he fare if he entered the ring in his late fifties and donned the big gloves? 

This inquiry may be resolved in the near future, as the renowned boxer confronts Jake Paul, a social media phenomenon and fellow boxer competing in Texas this year. 

Even though the fight's specifics, such as whether it will be a professional or friendly match, have not been released officially.

However, as previously reported, Texas authorities regarding the sport will conduct drug tests on both boxers, as random drug testing is a standard procedure for the majority of competitive matches in the state.

A CBS report indicates that the Tyson vs. Paul bout is scheduled to take place at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20, this year. 

Everything will be watching Tyson, who will be attempting to make his long-awaited return. Social media and reports indicate that he is in excellent physical condition prior to this epic boxing match.

Even though Paul may be the more popular fighter due to their similar ages, Tyson's ring history must not be overlooked.

It is not impossible that he was at his peak a few decades ago and defeated world-class combatants with a single blow, despite his advanced age.