Nfl Will Allow All Teams To Have Three Different Helmets Starting In 2025

The Detroit Lions introduced their blue headgear a year ago to overwhelmingly positive reception. 

It marked the initial instance since which the team utilized an alternative helmet design subsequent to donning the blank silver ones—identical helmets devoid of emblems or stripes.

The Lions, along with every other NFL team, are now permitted to incorporate an additional headgear design. 

A third game-eligible helmet design was sanctioned by the NFL, albeit with certain usage restrictions.

Similar to the alternate blue helmets worn by the Lions last season, the new design must, when combined with the standard uniform configurations.

Alternatively stated, the black helmet design could only be paired with the color rush (grey jerseys/pants) or a designated auxiliary.

Uniform (similar to Detroit's all-white combination) if the Lions choose to adopt it for their third style. No blending or combining