Non-Lasagna Dinner Ideas using Lasagne Sheets

There's no reason to wait until you're at the end of the box before discovering the best things to make with lasagna sheets that aren't lasagna.

Create Lasagna Cups Forget mini tarts and cupcakes when you can turn pasta sheets into cute, individual lasagna cups.

Sweet Lasagna Roll-Ups Lasagna rollups are fun to make and easy to customize with different fillings.

Share Crispy Nachos This has to be one of the best dishes to make with lasagna sheets aside from lasagna. 

Make A Pie A lasagna pie may sound strange, but consider that spaghetti pies are a classic. 

Turn Lasagna Sheets Into Soup Before you make it, promise yourself that you're going to try not to talk about how amazing it is with everyone you meet.

Use Lasagna Sheets For A Crunchy-Topped Bake When trying new recipes to make with pasta sheets, this idea is a winner-winner pasta and chicken dinner.

Turn Lasagna Into Chips With Dips Prepare to be amazed at the incredible ingenuity of lasagna chips.