Optical Illusion: Can you spot the Cat hiding among pigeons

The brain's perception of reality is challenged by optical illusions, which are compelling, shape-shifting images of objects, drawings, or people.

You've undoubtedly seen cognitive, physiological, and physical optical illusions. Psychoanalysis also illuminates perception through visual illusions, according to research.

Normal brains allow cats to see things or pictures from different angles, providing distinct perceptions. A clever illustration is the cat hiding among the birds.

A picture puzzle with the image above is available for adults and children. Many gray and white birds appear in this optical illusion. But the shot shows a cat hiding among the birds.

"Can you see the cat hiding among the pigeons?" the illusion asks viewers to find the cat. A mere 1% can see the concealed cat in this image. Another fun IQ test: an optical illusion. A real IQ test is better for evaluating your IQ.

We can help you find the hidden cat. Look attentively between the gray birds on the bottom right to see a cat. The optical illusion may expose your genuine perception.

The cat is hidden amid the birds at bottom right. Thousands of adults have puzzled over the photo to find the cat.

Research shows that answering complicated puzzles is harder makes people smarter. Optical illusions reveal fascinating brain functions.

Different color, light, and pattern combinations can mislead our eyes. Did you locate the cat in this optical illusion?