Optical Illusion: Only a genius can spot the hidden tiger in this children park

The brain's perception of reality is challenged by optical illusions, which are compelling, shape-shifting images of objects, drawings, or people.

Visual illusions include physical, physiological, and cognitive. Because they reveal how you view things, optical illusions are significant to psychoanalysis.

A typical human brain can perceive things or pictures from several angles, providing diverse perceptions. Creative illustrations include a concealed tiger in a children's park.

The above puzzle is aimed to challenge kids and adults' minds. A tiger is hiding in a kids' park in this optical illusion. The photo shows kids enjoying the park.

Kids are running, sliding, and swinging in the park. A park bench holds a woman and her cat. Find the hidden tiger in this optical illusion.

So finding the tiger in the children's park is the trickiest part of this optical trickery. Thousands of adults have puzzled over the photo to spot the tiger.

Look attentively at this optical illusion to uncover the children's park's hidden tiger. It may appear tough to spot the tiger, but focus on the bushes in the lower right corner.