Optical Illusion: Only people with 20/20 vision will spot the hare in 20 seconds

Vision is a sophisticated process in which our eyes deliver raw information to our brain for interpretation.

This visual system changes pictures before we see them, taking many shortcuts. But visual illusions employ these shortcuts to trick our brains even more.

When solving optical illusions, people sometimes question their authenticity. Our perceptions and thoughts are radically different.

Our senses transmit information to the brain, but the brain struggles to process it, creating a worldview.

This image shows a green, arid environment where you must find a little hare. This is a fascinating assignment, but you need 20/20 eyesight and a deadline.

Think and remember that the clock is ticking for 20 seconds. Therefore, act quickly.

People wonder if optical illusions are healthy or bad for their eyes when solving them. Most optical illusions are shown to be harmless to vision.

However, staring at each other for too long can induce eye strain, itchy eyes, headaches, impaired vision, and double vision. It can also create neck, shoulder, and attention issues.

Return to the game to see the little hare sitting calmly near the two antenna-shaped things. Congrats to those who solved the puzzle. For those who missed out, we have more articles and events coming up.