Ozempic Or Wegovy Weight Loss Foods And Drinks To Avoid

Red and Processed Meats: High in saturated fats, these meats hinder weight loss and pose health risks. Opt for lean proteins instead.

Excessive Caffeine: Large caffeine intake can interfere with appetite and weight management. Stick to moderate amounts for best results.

Energy Drinks: High caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks disrupt weight loss efforts. Choose natural energy sources instead.

Artificial Sweeteners: They may disrupt metabolism and increase sugar cravings. Opt for natural sweeteners or natural sweetness in foods.

High-Sodium Snacks: Chips and pretzels cause water retention and bloating, hindering weight loss progress. Choose low-sodium snacks instead.

Butter and Margarine: High in saturated fats, use in moderation to support heart health and weight loss efforts.

Sweetened Yogurts: High sugar content undermines health benefits. Choose plain yogurt with natural sweeteners instead.