Peach Fritters with Canned Peaches

Heat 4–6 cups of oil to 350° in a large dutch oven or deep fryer. In a large basin, mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon while the oil is hot.  

Stir in buttermilk, milk, melted butter, and eggs until blended. Mix in peaches.

To test the oil, drop a little spoon of dough into it or use a thermometer.  The oil is hot enough if the batter bubbles and rises within seconds.  

Reduce the heat if the dough burns quickly.  Dough that stays at the bottom without bubbling is not hot enough.

Half a dipper of batter should be carefully dropped into heated oil. After rising, brown the dough and flip it to finish cooking.  

Remove fritter from pan and place on rack or paper towel-lined platter.  Carefully open the fritter to ensure complete cooking.  Dough that is too thick won't cook evenly.  

Cook the remaining fritters 2–3 at a time, not overcrowding the pan. Whisk icing ingredients until smooth. Glaze fritters.