Roast Ginger to Enhance Carrot Soup

Start with fresh ginger, any size or shape will do. Just remember that a quality root should have smooth and wrinkle-free skin, along with an ultra-zesty aroma.

Although you can peel and chop it into pieces before roasting, there's no need. After washing and patting it dry, the root can easily be roasted whole. 

Going this route will also make skins easier to peel off if you're not a fan of their texture.

Precise cooking times may vary based on how you prep the ginger.

You could also roast chunks of ginger alongside ingredients like carrots, onions, and garlic, should you be making soup from scratch.

Generally, ginger will be ready once the skins have charred slightly, the insides have softened, and a sweetly spicy smell fills the kitchen.

For the best diffusion of flavors and the silkiest of textures, blitz until perfectly pureed.