Skillet Brussels Sprouts Start with Chicken Stock

Tasting Table provides a recipe for braised fennel that you can use as a blueprint for braising Brussels sprouts.

The cooking process starts with the dry method of either searing or sauteing, heating a generous helping of oil or butter before adding your Brussels sprouts

While you can braise Brussels sprouts whole, cutting them in half exposes their fibrous interior while also providing the opportunity for browning.

To brown the Brussels, place them cut side down in the pan and leave them for a few minutes to acquire those crispy, charred edges.

You can add aromatics and spices to fry before pouring a shallow layer of chicken stock into the skillet.

Because Brussels should steam covered for a minute or two before absorbing all the fragrant vapor, don't drown them in chicken stock.

If you want additional umami, cook bacon, pork, or chicken cracklings and use the grease to sauté your Brussels and serve the meat as a delicious garnish.