The Knife Tip for Easy Rib Membrane Removal

What you're removing is the thin, white membrane on the back side -- the less meaty side -- of the rack of ribs.

It's called the peritoneum which acts as a barrier for all the organs in the chest cavity of any animal. 

It's not cartilage or fat, things on a rack of ribs that usually render when cooked low and slow. 

It's made of elastin, which won't render in the heat of the grill or oven. 

After you've removed the membrane, you'll notice how much it shrinks and you'll wonder how it fit on the ribs in the first place. 

Back ribs will have a thicker membrane than spare ribs due to their location on the pig or cow. 

The silver skin on a rack of baby back ribs is thinner than what's found on beef ribs and is generally easier to remove.

However, using the butter knife trick will make it easier remove the silver skin on both racks of ribs.