Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski speak fondly on time with Bucs

Brady and Gronkowski cherish their time with the Buccaneers, reminiscing fondly on their stint in Tampa Bay.

Brady's free agency choice was guided by a desire to join a welcoming locker room, leading him to the Bucs.

Being accepted by the organization and fans in Tampa meant a lot to Brady, who wanted to give back to them.

Gronkowski found Tampa Bay to be a perfect fit at that stage of his career, enjoying the location and winning a championship.

Winning the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers solidified Gronkowski's happiness and contentment with his career.

Brady stresses the collective effort of their teammates in delivering a championship to Tampa Bay, highlighting their dedication.

The iconic boat parade will be remembered as an extraordinary celebration of their Super Bowl triumph, etching its place in history.

Together, Brady and Gronkowski left an indelible mark on the Buccaneers' history, appreciated by fans and organization alike.