What Are The Most Flavorful Cuts Of Pork?

Surprisingly, pork shoulder and butt come from neighboring sections of the animal. 

Butt doesn't allude to anatomy; instead, the cut comes from a frontal region, just above the first pair of legs, which is what is known as the shoulder cut.

Due to the abundant fat, these cuts are excellent in slow-cooking methods.

Pork butt is the classic go-to in barbecue applications like Southern-style pulled pork.

And the pork shoulder is employed in Mexican-style carnitas, an especially tasty preparation that braises the meat until very soft.

Therefore this cut also works in a classic braise. Low and slow, these pork cuts both yield terrifically tender creations.

If you're looking to enjoy the meat's flavor without shredding, both cuts can also be prepared as a pork steak.