What Is Smen Butter?

Smen is a salted, clarified butter made from sheep, goat, or cow milk, native to North African cuisine and considered a staple in Moroccan cooking.

After it is clarified, the smen is fermented, giving it a distinctive cheesy, tangy taste that sets it apart from other butter

And cements its use as both a cooking ingredient and an indulgent savory topping for bread and breakfast items.

Similar to ghee, another popular clarified butter, smen was developed as a way to keep cooking fat around for extended periods in the days before refrigeration,

But the preservation of this pungent butter has not only proved a means of convenience but also a catalyst for intense and delicious flavor.

Smen has a very distinctive, salty, cheesy taste that is a product of its fermentation.

This flavor becomes stronger with age, and, generally, the older the smen is, the more pungent it becomes.