What Is Tiktok Notes — And Could It Rival Instagram?

The video application intends to test TikTok Notes, a forthcoming platform for the exchange of text and images.

An early glimpse of the product suggests that it resembles Instagram. The current state of knowledge is as follows.

A webpage devoted to TikTok Notes features an image comprising captions for the photographs displayed beneath, wherein the example text is followed by emojis.

Although the design resembles that of Instagram, it is not yet functional. At that time, the "Open App" option on the webpage was not operational.

It currently permits the posting of photographs, but TikTok intends to test the viability of a TikTok dedicated to photo and text sharing.

A Reddit user reported that they received a pop-up message from TikTok stating that their images would be utilized on TikTok Notes and that the feature was "imminent.

The subsequent message informs the user that they have the option to opt out of having their current and future photos displayed on TikTok Notes.

At this time, the feature is not available anywhere. According to the spokesperson, the company intends to test it in smaller markets but has no current intentions to do so in the United States.

If added to the app by TikTok, the feature may also undergo significant changes prior to its official release.